Ahau mayan astrology

It is male energy and represents the boss and the hunter.

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It rules over lunar and solar eclipses. It transforms and reveals, bringing certainty to life and to your goals.

The Trecena of Sun

The Day Ajpu in the Mayan Calendar: This day-sign is a good day to make plans and to figure things out. It is a day to overcome obstacles, to be secure, and to ask for female fertility. Characteristics of the Mayan Astrology Sign Ajpu: You are very confident and always see the brighter side of things. To you, the glass is always half full and everything is working out well. You have a lot of energy and often try to do many things at once.

The Trecena of Ahau / Ajpu

Obsession with the future and perfection. Rigid belief systems. Unwillingness to compromise your ideals. Indifference, apathy, low standards.

Your Day Sign

Socially awkward, but well-intentioned. Giving up your own better sense to accommodate others. Unrealistic choices, leading to unbalanced personal lives. Stress related to self-imposed deadlines.

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Keeping yourself locked into busyness as a way to avoid emotions or undesirable tasks. Not being able to accept yourself with unconditional love. Prolonged grieving or unresolved anger that cause emotional disease and eventually physical disease.

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