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Most clusters don't survive more than a few trips around the center of the galaxy because the gravity of other stars and giant clouds of gas and dust pull them apart.

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Yet M67 has survived for four or five billion years. That's because it resides in the outer part of the galaxy, where there are fewer stars and gas clouds to disturb it.

Why Is Cancer The Name Of A Star Sign & Disease?

One other resident of note is the planetary system 55 Cancr i. It consists of five known planets, with perhaps several more awaiting discovery.

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The system is about 40 light-years away, and is faintly visible to the unaided eye, although you need help to find it. It consists of two wide-spaced stars, one of which is similar to the Sun, and which hosts the planets. The innermost of its planets is a "super Earth," which means it's only a few times heavier than our world -- one of the lightest-weight planets yet discovered.

Cancer Constellation

The other planets are much bigger and heavier. None of the planets is in the star's habitable zone, which is the distance from the star at which liquid water could exist on the surface.

Since water is a necessary ingredient for life as we know it, none of the planets is considered a likely abode for life. Release details Model release not required. Property release not required.

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Similar images Browse by category Add to Your Boards Add to the board Select a board Interestingly, every Christmas sky features the Northern Cross, standing upright on the western horizon just about to set and directly opposite on the eastern horizon Praesepe, the "Manger," is rising.

Zodiac Constellation Cancer Vector Images (over 2,)

The aspects Praesepe makes in a birth chart and by transit say something about the emergence from the family nest, finding new paths and directions, or leaving behind old dwellings and what they represent. It can impel emergence, migration, new beginnings, shedding old skins, skeletons, and cocoons.

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  • Some say the Cancer symbol or glyph represents a woman's breasts and shows the nurturing qualities of the sign. However, it's also believed that the symbol for the sign of Cancer is a representation Asellus Borealis and Asellus Australis, the two Asses donkeys that took part in the conflict of the gods with the giants on the peninsula of the Macedonian Pallene the early Phlegra, who were afterwards rewarded by being given a resting-place in the sky on either side of the Manger. It's thought he did this because:.

    That name remains to this day.

    Cancer constellation zodiac vector image

    Although the constellations and the signs are not the same, the zodiacal constellations and their stars are important to astrology. According to ancient Greek legend, the Cancer constellation represents the giant crab that bit the heel of Hercules during the second of the 12 labors he performed as penance for killing his family. It was sent by the jealous goddess, Hera, to thwart Hercules as he battled the water serpent Hydra. Hercules killed the crab with his club, and the crab was then placed among the stars in gratitude by Juno, the enemy of Hercules. Richard Allen in his book Star Names: Their lore and Meaning says of the Cancer constellation that it was the "Dark Sign, that was described as black without eyes," and that "few heavenly signs were subjects of more attention in early days, and few better determined".