November 26 horoscope leo

November 26 Birthday Horoscope

Some parts of the world can become simple and knowable if your curiosity is bright enough, if you pay close enough attention. The sun and the birds move through the sky according to a pattern; the moon and the tides move together as well. The world exceeds what we can know, and you can receive this strangeness as a gift. You can take it as permission to be strange and untranslatable, too.

This week, you can find energy and comfort in wild and unknown spaces.

However, since your mind is so sharp and probing and steady, once you enter an unfamiliar space it becomes familiar to you quickly. This is a week for keeping up an energy of mystery, and refusing to offer easy answers and explanations. The world is full of rules and full of structures, but not one of those rules can govern your own desires.

You know this already, but even for you it can be easy to forget. Nobody else can tell you who you really are, and this is a week for reminding yourself of that.

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Do you think of your life structured like a puzzle, or a cycle? This is a week for stepping back, for a moment, to think about the patterns and images that you use to understand your place in the world.

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Do these images still make sense? Do they help your life to expand?

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  • What possibilities might open up if you started to think of your life as a galaxy, rather than a highway? A forest, rather than a building? How are you going to keep your balance amid all this movement in the world and in your head? Your thoughts can be like the tides—predictable, more or less, but still powerful enough to carry a person away with the force of their motion.

    Find something steady you can use as an anchor: maybe a relationship, maybe a community, maybe a value.

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    What appears to be a threat might not be a threat, and someone who appears to be an enemy might not be. This week, try to reset yourself. The world holds danger, but it still holds sweet abundance, too. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. You deserve a quiet day, after all! Put your feet up and relax! This is a good time to do this, as your inspiration is high.

    Leo weekly horoscope – November 26 2018

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    Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

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