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You will be guided through the script of how to read a birth chart using this approach and an overview of the astrological archetypes or 12 signs. This is like following the flow of the soul through a map of life. We will take a look. This class will also include taking a look at the aspects of outer planets such as Saturn and Pluto and how they influence and initiate is through life.

Shamanic Astrology Course - Levi Banner

We will take a dive down into the natal chart and fly high into cosmic meanings. Shamanic Astrology is a paradigm which blends global astrological traditions and knowledge to create a practical and experiential system for the current age. This workshop is great for anyone interested in astrology, epecially the Shamanic approach, and serves as the perfect intro to anyone attending the Inner Sacred Marriage 6-Day Course, which starts this same evening. Levi Banner is a resident astrologer and beloved yoga teacher at The Yoga Barn, Levi has given thousands of personal astrology sessions and taught hundreds of yoga classes over the past few years using the approach of Shamanic Astrology.

Subject to Change — may include late nights, fun surprises, and day trips…. Excursion to sacred astrology sites not normally seen by tourists! The farm and facilities are owned by world-famous The Yoga Barn , and created by the same designer who created all the beautiful buildings there.

Toward a Shamanic Astrology

We are privileged to be among the first to use these plush new facilities. This peaceful, serene place will envelop you in the energy of the land. Wide, open skies will beckon you with spectacular nighttime starfield views, perfect for our astrology learnings.


Frogs and crickets will serenade you, as fireflies dance on the gentle breeze passing above the sacred land. Surrounded by stillness, this is a spot to reconnect to nature. A fresh water stream runs through the land, on its winding path meeting lush forest jungle that is home to sacred banyan trees and a sacred cave.

Here, you can go for long walks alone, or choose to be surrounded by loving community together. Since , The Yoga Barn has been the inspirational center of yoga and healing in Ubud. It creates a welcome, corrective balancing that makes it an ideal place for inner connection, and the deepening of your understanding along the shamanic path. In oneness with the earth, it is magical. The brand-new housing will make you feel right at home, blissed and snug while meshed into the synergy of retreat center, working organic farm, and glorious natural environment.

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Accommodations are available in shared or private, with options including 4-bed Dorm Rooms, 2-bed Standard Rooms, and 2-bed Deluxe rooms to suit your budget or requirements. Hot water facilities, coffee, hair dryer, towels, robes, and slippers are furnished with all accommodations.

Standard and Deluxe rooms host private bathrooms, and Deluxe rooms have a bathtub for luxurious soaking. All housing is onsite, nestled in the Bali countryside, and featuring scenic views of the lush surroundings. Housing is a separate cost from training.

The Eight Main Principles of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm

Please see details listed below in Dates and Rates. Included in your accommodation costs are three healthy and delicious farm-to-table, buffet-style meals a day. There will also be an all-day table stocked with healthy snacks and fresh fruit to keep your vibration high throughout the training sessions.

The meal menu will consist of natural, wholesome, organic foods in a delightful array of raw, vegan, gluten-free, Ayurvedic, and meat options. The mid-day lunch period will include free time, perfect for getting to know your fellow astrology students and exploring the natural beauty of the retreat center grounds, either together or alone. Fresh and healthy as can be, mealtime will be a highlight of your stay here. Please contact us for more information.

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Are you seeking an intensive astrology experience unlike any other, connecting deeply with nature, community, and your Higher Self? Are you ready to step onto the shamanic path, journeying into self-knowledge and rebirth through Shamanic Astrology? You are seeking a shamanic path to personal transformation and understanding, using the planets as guides to grow and evolve.

You want to learn your Shamanic Timeline, and how to determine your personal and generational cycles of initiation to achieve the best results for your life. You are seeking a break from the stresses and pressure of urban life; and want to find peace, insights, and loving community out in nature, under the stars.

You are looking for an intensive, unique, and fun Shamanic Astrology course that incorporates ceremony, astrological insights, personal charting, and sacred site visits.

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How the planets are teachers and guides ; and how to work with them for best results for yourself and others. How to explore the essence of each outer planet as a guide; and how these planetary guides are helping us to grow and evolve. Understanding all your life phases with greater clarity especially for those new to Shamanic Astrology , and how these Timings are invaluable for personal ceremonies.

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Deep astrological insights through personal charting and night sky experiences. To engage in shamanic ceremonies and rituals.

Shamanic Astrology' (Daniel Giamario)

Your Guides. Levi Banner With a warm smile, an energetic hug, and sly sense of humor, Levi Banner draws you into his world — teaching the spiritual sciences for healing and transformation. The Shamanic Timeline Course The Shamanic Timeline Course is a 7-day intensive focusing on the planetary cycles of initiation and the outer planet complexes found on the natal chart, what they mean, and how to work with them for maximum results. About Shamanic Astrology.