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She will be energetic, committed, emotional and a person of powerful feelings, dynamic and magnetic. She would tend to take action rather than speak about it. At times, due to circumstances, she could be very obstinate. Area of work will be related to dealing with masses or technical, engineering, service oriented industries, consultancy or managerial duties.

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She will have good growth points in her career, from time to time. She will be intelligent and hard working but she will have to divide time between domestic needs and career responsibilities. Marriage: 7.

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Marriage delayed or not: Your marriage is expected to be taking place soon and the year is the potential period, if proper search and suitable efforts are made. Subsequently also there would be suitable periods for you to get married. Quality of marital life: Her horoscope is expected to be good in the area of marriage. Detailed matching of horoscopes will be necessary.

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Over dependence on matching of birth stars alone should be avoided. With proper matching of the two horoscopes in their entirety, many of the malefic effects can be reduced.

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Appropriate remedial actions should be taken before marriage. However your marital life may still have some disturbances even after proper matching and remedies. Mutual attraction or respect will be normal.

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Sex life may be very fulfilling. Some differences in taste, perception and preferences will exist. Clash of ego should be avoided till you understand each other well. Mature attitude and mutual adjustment will play a big role towards a better marital life. Prospects of Progeny: This is an area of limited promise.