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Perfect Match making with horoscope or without horoscope! Choose Your Tamil Horoscope Sign. Aries Mesham. Taurus Rishabam. Gemini Mithunam. Cancer Katakam. Leo Simmam. Virgo Kanni. Libra Thulaam. Scorpio Virutchikam. Sagittarius Danush. Capricorn Makaram. Aquarius Kumbam. Pisces Meenam. Generate Birth Horoscope Name:. Search Birth Place: Search Place. Generate Birth Chart - Kundali - Jathakam. How will be this Wednesday? If Mercury is in lagna or 4th or 7th of 10th or lord of 2nd is exalted or if Venus is in Mithuna or Kanya or Dhanus or in Its exalled position, the native will be an astrologer.

New Findings. If the sub lord of the 2nd cusp is in the 7th from 2nd and becomes a strong significator of the 2nd. The type of shastras has to be decided by reference to the planets. If the same sub lord aspects or become the significator of the 9th or the 12th, it is definite that he will be a good astrologer or good in occult science. Sensitive Points In Astrology. This may indicate scientists, professors etc. This chart was sent by a penfriend of mine from Paris.

The horoscope is as follows:Nep Jup R Ill Ayanamsa Sunday 1. LMn or Balance dasa at birth is Sun dasa4 years 8 months 24 days Planetary Positions Planets. The ascendant falls at ' Vrischika, a Mars Sign. It is in Mercury star, Saturn sub. Jupiter aspects the ascendant and the co-rulers of the ascendant cusp. Mercury, lord of the constellation where the ascendant falls aspects the lagna. Saturn the lord of the sub where the ascendant falls who is the karaka for longevity aspects the ascendant.

Further 'if lord of the ascendant is in the 11th and becomes the significator of lagna, it will speak about the longevity of the native'. There is a good aspect between Jupiter and Mercury and Saturn too which is good for study and prediction. At the same time, it will tell severely on the nerves as Uranus forms a bad aspect with Mercury. So it is clear that for inventions and researches. Uranus is good but not good for practical purposes as it tells greately on nerves or lungs or personal and domestic life.

Saturn and Mars are found among the co-rulers of the ascendant. The 9th cusp is in Mercury sign, Sun star, Jupiter sub. Therefore Saturn and Mars are connected with the 9th cusp. As Saturn and Mars are connected with the ascendant and the 9th cusp, he will be a good and successful astrologer. Since, Mart fOlma harmonious aspect with Mercury, he will be blessed with argumentative faculty, success In material field and lead in all pursuits. Due to harmonious aspect between Moon and Mercury, there will be clear exposition, proper working and intuition.

Even though Uranus was under the away of Jupiter and Mercury as constellation lord and sub lord, it is not forming a good aspect with Mercury. So the interpretation or reasoning out is not scientific or correct. His predictions came out correct due to the influence of Uranus which enabled him to pear into the past and peep into the future with perfectness due to the 'Vision' in his mind.

In this case, the periods are good from infancy as the lords of the periods are connected with the 10th and 11th in some form of the other. As Saturn is in the sub ruled by Rahu who is a significator of 9th and 12th, it shows that he wi II have sound knowledge. Jupiter in 3rd gave him the faculty to contribute articles as well as the opportunity to print or publish them as Mars and Mercury are connected with' Jupiter in the 3rd house.

The 10th cusp falls at S' Thula which is a sensitive degree denoting Guru, i. So his professor or carrier will be similar to above or connected with the above. Generally, if the sub lord of the ascendant and the lord or the sub where Moon is posited is one and the same planet. Saturn, the native can concentrate or meditate. But if Jupiter too is posited in the sub ruled by Saturn in addition to the above, then he can medicate much more easily. In this case, the ascendant falls in Saturn sub. Jupiter and Moon are in. Rahu sub while Saturn and Jupiter are in Saturn star Rahu sub.

So the native was able to concentrate or meditate very easily and Uranus endowed him with vision to see far beyond.

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According to the traditional system, Moon was not posited In Cancer to enable him to emerge as an astrologer. Except for Venus in Kanya, there were no conditions for his turning an astrologer. In the analysis of any horoscope, never consider the traditional system of Slokas and Sutras as gospel, as disappointment will be in store for you. During the researches of the author, It has been noticed that mostly all the traditional combinations and slokas failed miserably.

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Hence think it over and decide about the system you follow for success. Luckily, according to the traditional method, Venus answers the conditions in the case of Cheiro and Guruji K. KrishnamurtL In several cases where the above traditional conditions were seen, they failed to turn out out to be astrologers. The 2nd cusp falls In Mars sign, Moon star, Rahu sub. In the period of Rahu. In this case, the 10th cusp falls in a sensitive degree ru:ing a preceptor or teacher while the ascendant and Rahu falls in the are of 'Adhyapakastu Vedanam' denoting professor of Vedas.

Mars at the degree of fore-telling O' Kataka lifted him high In the periods of Mars and Rahu, as not only Mars In Rahu sub but also they are in conjunction. Rahu denotes Palms as in the case of the symbol allotted to a political party. Mars and Rahu in the 8th shows that he wlll be very much devoted to "fore-tailing' in the periods of the above planets, besides attaining good knowledge in these periods. So the above results will be noticed in the life of the native. The sub lord of the 4th cusp who is also the lord of the 5th house of interest Is Mars and 11 is in the 5th from the 4th along with Rahu in the constellation of Mercury.

Further, Mars is at the degree of foretelling and Rahu is at the sensitive point of vedas. So these two planets in the 5th from the 4th show that he will take up palmistry as his business or profession. Moon in the 2nd from the 4th shows that his interest and study in the above science will increase during Moon's period. He will have comforts, money and pleasure too. The sub lord of the 5th cusp is also Mars. This denies the pleasures of any children, but he will attain mastery in all Vedas and Puranas in Mars period.

Mercury in the 7th from the 6th shows that he will have an Incurable ailment which will be lingering and prolonged in Saturn's period due to the connection of Saturn with Mercury. Cheiro's is an Interesting chart for astrological analysis. But for reasons of space I do not wish to dwell more into the other aspects of this qreat personality.

It should be divided into 9 equal ports and these 9 equal parts are to be taken into account according to their serial. These 9 planets are taken into account according to the Navagraha position. Rahu and Kethu are considered to be the Nodes. They will act as planets on whose asterism things are deposited. Please note Rahu and Kethu are nodes. For example SUN is the Planet of vitality, strength and improvement The Westerners follow Sun as the Father of other planet Male planet If the front portion entrance of the building is 36 feet, it should be divided by 9 and each part of thai land comes to 4 feet.

Starling sq. This Sun path will give unpleasant incidents, unhappiness, health problem, misunderstanding with relations, unsatisfactory life and poor income. The westerners follow that the Moon is the mother of the other planets Female Planet Mars has got power of heat and it is planet of evil Male Planet Sq. According to this only things will be in their favour.

For example, we have seen several people going in for new construction. But all are not constructed according to Vasthu Sasthra. In that case running or living with their family cannot provide a smooth, calm life. Each planet has got its value to determine the nature of the building, elevation etc. Now, we have to decide the Square feet of the place Total square feet of Room cabin. The following is the result for the square feet. It will give regular good food, rich food and they will be invited for regular parties etc.

Loss of assets, loss in family members Unhappiness, unpleasantness will prevail. Misunderstandiings and quarrrels between couples and will resemble a sanyasi in characters. Improvement in financial status and financial position will be good. Popularity in the society is foreseen. More assels and rinanccial growth are foreseen cash tlow will l. Je sou11d There will be loss of property and mental torture Unexpected fire accidents will prevail.

Worries and unhappiness will prevail leading to mental torture. Enemies will disappear happiness Lakshmi Kadatcham will prevail. Good position, loss of assets, name and fame will be good but loss also there. Goddess Lakshmi will be at your place. Position will be good, status will improve. Don't give any advice to common man. He will have good brain to attend to difficult jobs, and he will be in a position to meet people of high rankings. Position will be good, popularity will be there and he will receive high honours from the Government. Support from Government officials and honour through Government.

He will spend more time on religious aclivilies spiritual interest will be more. All thing will be in your favour, earn more name and fame. Financial Status will be good. God's gift, spiritual interest will be more. Spending more time on religious activities. All happenings be in your favour, improvement is there. Loss, change of house. Financial background will he sound. You will have mental stability to face anything.

Honour will be received from Government. These are all to be considered for a small house. If it is more than Sq. We can go ahead with the work. But these are all to be considered upto the number for Vasthu Sasthra, before construction of a House, Room etc. The land is similar to a human body and it has been given importance in olden days in different ways. They considered the Head, body and feet. The following stars are not advisable to be taken for any construction. But acccording to our stellar Astrology of Krishnamurti Padhdhati, we are taking the stars and we are deciding the planet, where it is deposited.

So, this is old method. But K. Where as these stars are taken for judgement whether they suit or not, related to sublord theory. Mars is the Karaka for the Bhoomi. No doubt it gives Landed property but same Mars is not considered for the Auspicious days. This is the olden theory followed by some people, but we have to change certain things according to the modem times. We have taken up the stars for certain matters and in th! They are not following the stars.

In these above mentioned days they will not ent1r in the house, and they are not taken as the best day and stars. According to thrthies, these stars have been taken into consideration for certain matters. In the olden days the following Thithi and Star combination ed were not considered auspicious for entering new premises. Now a days Iron and Steel are used. And certain metals we will not take for certain reasons. But for security point this is our will and pleasure to put something which is useful.

Likewise the following stars are also considered. These will give growth, improvement, position, popularity and you will become very rich.


Tho following months are all advisable months in those days i. Some may! But this month has taken as the auspicious month. Now we are considering these stars for Digging wells. In these stars if you dig a well you will find success. We are coming to the olden theory i.

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Whenever you lake a job. These are considered in the Olden dnys These are more essential for digging well, These Stars, Thithies, Lngnas commencing many Auspicious things. Certain matters we are seeing'considering also. Let us suppose, one man is going for a rented house. The question is whether he will be prosperous with that house or not. It depends upon one Individual luck no doubt. According to Vasthu Sasthra, the house is taken into account in this matter.

If these are the things then he will say I am a lucky man, well settled, but no person in this world has satisfaction with whatever wealth he has. He may have tension and wish to get more wealth. He will say something or other for which we should not bother. Coming to the exact position for a man to be happy, he must have substancial flow of money, bank balance, position, popularity and status. These are considered to be the best things for a better life.

This is for sure. Next, we come to the direction, let us see lhe Eastern direction. If you are going to Dig a well, a question arise as to whether it is good for that premises or not. So these are all the matters considered for the construction of a building and according to that, things will workout for a man. These are all the directions' known as Ashta Dhiku According to the Varuna stanathipathy, the Western direction will have plenty of water. Free flow of water, So it will give improvement for that building.

This fact is assured. Good Luck. The planets and the other luminary Moon, follow their own individual tracks which lie along the ecliptic on north and south of it. This is called the Zodiac. If one observes, it will appear that the whole Zodiac goes round the earth once a day, i. As the Zodiac is divided into 12 equal parts cnllccl Solar mansion sign or rasi Mesha-Aries to Meena-Pi sees , each division, will be appearing in the east, roughly for a duration of 2 hrs. In other words, the previous sign will appear to rise up in the heavens and the next sign will commence to rhe nearly two hours after the previous sign began to rise.

Hence the 12 signs rise in the east, roughly at an inten al of 2 hours. The Hindu astrologers have subdivided each sign into and called such a division as a Hora. Hence, roughly one nour is needed for each Hora to rise in the east or pass through the Meridian. But the Hindu astrologers. They uscc to measure in Ghatis and Vighatis or Naligai and Vinadi. Hence a day is of 60 Ghatis.

Phares in Chaldean star lord sys: In remote and ancient Chaldea the know! Zodiac were the results of the Divinely Inspired Gifts to the wise men. The book of Genesis, the Mosaic, Era, the Babylonic and Hindu Empires were non existent when the Chaldean sages laid down the axiom that 'Obstral spheres exert continual influence on terrestial life.

Also it was said that certain hours are advantageous for certain matters and certain hours are unfortunate for some affairs. This method of prediction Is called 'Hora'. The 'Hindus' also wore aware that certain matters thrive in some hours i. Both the Hindus and the Chaldeans do not follow the same calculations to find out which planet rules a particular time though the order of the planets is the same.

The names of the days are derived from both the lun inaries and the other five planets, e. Thingal, S0mavarom etc. German Montag Mond , Fn nch L11nc1i luno. The results signified by the planets do predominate in the above order. Hence the names of these days are arrived at according to the effects agreeing with the particular planet. Probably, the same effects repeat once in 7 days and hence only seven days in the week are fixed; e. As regards the Hora division, the Hindus do not take the time of sunrise for their calculations. They follow strictly according to the time mentioned below:Sun. From the table it may be observed that the planets rule the hours in on order which is the alternate days in the reverse order.

Suppose Sun rules a particular hour. Then note in the reverse order, the days of the week. The alternate one is Friday ruled by Venus. Hence Venus rules the hour, after that of the Sun. Similarly, Thursday is before Friday and Wednesday is the alternate one in the reverse order to Friday. Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. Hence Mercury rules the hour after Venus. Thus the order of the hours is worked out. It will be a pleasant surprise to note that after 24 hrs. Therefore, irrespective of sun rise, the locality and the part of the year in which one wants to find the planet ruling a particular time, simply refer to the above table.

But Westers and Chaldeans calculate in a different manner. They divide the interval between the time of sunrise and noon into 6 equal parts and each will be little more or less than a 7 hour depending upon the interval between sunrise and noon. Similarly the interval between noon and sunset is divided into 6 equal parts. Likewise, the time from sunset to midnight and from midnight to the sunrise is worked out. But the order of the planet ruling the first hour a little more or less according to this calculation is ruled by the lord of the day.

The other hours are ruled by lhe other. Readers are also expecteu to note that the Hindus adopt this hora division in an arbitary manner and it has no connection with the rising of the sun Hora or Moon Hora in the East. Kala Harri or planetary hours are different from Hora division of a solar sign. What is an astrological day? It is lhe interval between the sun-rise on a day at a particular locality to the next succeeding sun-rise.

As tho planetary hours commence from the lime of sun-rise which varies according to the Latitude and Longilude of the place, one is to take the timings to! Im local meantime. Are we to takn that each planet rules exactly one hour or are we to find out tho interval between sun-rise and noon and divide it by 6, likewise moon to sun-set, sun-set to mid-night and mid-night to sun rise? So, a research was necessary to ; scertain which is to be followed. The sun rises in the northern latitudes, according to the. If one is J consider 1hal a clay commences from sun rise and the first hour is governed by lhe lord of the day, then one is to follow the ch;lldeans and should not follow e table published in almanacs etc.

Therefore, planetary hours will be exactly one hour, throughout the world only on two days in a year, i. On olher days, the duration of each planetary hour varies. When one calculates the interval between sun-rise and noon, divides by six and lakes Illa firsl portion as the hora To trace the exact time when the various events in the planetary hours governed by different planets, or! Suppose one wants to note the time when Saturn will rule its hour on Wednesday, so that one avoid a :H sign an agreement in that period or b to fix the marriage iuring that time or c to meet a person to negotiate any tranrnction etc.

Indian Standard Time at noon in that locality on that day? Let it be A. Mercury rules the tirre. The noxt is govomod by Moon. Hence A. The next belongs to Saturn; i. Saturn is the lord for the duration from 7.? Therefore this period is governed by Saturn on a WHjnesday ruled by Mercury.

Therefore this conjoined period of Saturn and Mercury are to be avoided for such actions as m :ntioned above. When this conjoined period operates in the r. This is an effective method of 'Birth Contror as both Saturn and Mercury are effeminate planets. But people, planting fruit-bearing trees in such conjoined planetary hours, will have very poor yield; the loss will be not only due to locust, pest, rats, etc.

Hence for every action, one is lo note which planets will contribute for peace, property, success etc. Accordingly one can make a selection and enjoy the fruits. Now the question arises, whether one can come out successful by selecting such periods, even though he runs a very bad period according to dasa or according to progression. People, running bad time a will never follow this, or b even if he tries to follow, he will be do in the evil sub-division of the planetary hour.

What is the sub-division? The planetary hour is sub-divided among the 7 planets just as, a dasa is divided among 9 planets as Bhuktis and each Bhukti is again subdivided among the same 9 planets called antharams. The first subdivision belongs to the planet which rules the hour and then the subdivisions are governed by the other planets in the same order.

Suppose the hora hour is ruled by Venus; then the first subdivision belongs to Venus and the other 6 subdivision will be governed by Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Sun. What is the use of this sub-division? In the latter case, the sub will be ruled by either of the two or any other signification contributing to his success.

The above is general. Further, while selecting a hara, the most important factor is omitted, which is a serious mistake, i. Indeed, these three are the important investigation to be made while electing a Muhurtha. But for common undertakings and the usual daily business, Hora will be helpful to offer confidence, peace of mind and mostly success. SUN Planets and their govern in each Hora.

Sun Is the lord. The Hora of Sun will be most potent whenever Sun is strong; i. Sun governs vitality, immunity and speedy recovery from disease. Hence, to take medicine or to undergo sur1ical operations, solar houri is auspicious. As sun indicates power, authority, influence, dignity, honour and reputation, either to take charge of the following posts or to meet such people for assistance, select Sun hora. Thumb impression expert post Sun, Mere and Saturn , to register documents; to approach for favour, to execute a will; to let on lease, to appeal for promotion, to complain to the Police about the lost property, to have mantras initiated and to concentrate, to enter into politics, etc.

For Vaccinatiion, inoculation, etc. Also, people who are governed by Sun or who have Sun as their ruling planet may pray to God for peace and prosperity during Sun's Hora. Also it is advantageous lo note whether Moon occupies the Kendhra position counted from the ascenden1 during the Hora of Moon, when It is strong, Approach people during Moon Hora.

Even the strong-willed persons will yield. If you have to carry out the orders of a lady and if she is a strict, straight forward lady who may be moody also, arrange interview during Moon Hora. The hard paraffin will become the soft paraffin If you are an agriculturist, all wet land cultivation, plantation, digging wells, excavating canals may be done in these hours. Moon Hora on Fridays are good for harvesting sugarcane. If you deal in milk and milk products, dairy farm, etc. Those who deal in resins, greens, food materials gur, and those who do business in oils, kerosene, petrol, acids, etc.

Moon Hora on a Monday and Rohini star day is ideal especially during Gothooli Lagna, Pearls, jewels, ornaments, corals, salt fish etc. Suppose you buy a marshy land, knowingly or unknowingly during Moon Hora, you will have much appreciation ol capital value. Moon, the fastest moving planet, suggests that Moon Hora is advantageous or safe and successful overseas journey. Divers should select Moon Hora, but the Lagna should not be afflicted by Saturn, if they want fortune. Musicians select Moon Hora on Mondays or Fridays for fertile imagination and melodious tune.

Tuesdays are beneficial for those who use drum, Mridangam, Thapla, etc. On Wednesday, Moon Hora is favourable tor Jalatharangam. If it is of short ascension, take to fiddle. If Moon is in an airy sign and it is of long ascension, start Nagaswaram; if the ascendant is of short ascension prefer flute. Thus, analyse and judge. Moon Hora is preferab! Also it is good to take up service in the Defence Department.

You can plan, contemplate and scheme during Moon Hora. Moon Hora in the night is good. What for, need not be elaborated. For public activities and popularity, for platform speech, etc. Moon Hora is good; especially Thursday. If your mother is rich or your maternal relatives, discuss during Moon Hora; you will become their favourite and you will have gains without pains.

On Wednesdays during Moon Hora, you can take appointment in the Textile Department and you may put on new dress. Hotels may be opened on Tuesdays during Moon Hora: So also for drinks. It gets exalted in Capricorn - Makara. Hence the Hora of Mars will be most potent whenever Mars is strong by transiting in its own or exalted signs or in its stars and on Tuesday. Suppose on a Tuesday, when Mars is in 23 20 to 24 6 in Capricorn in exaltation, in its own star and own sub it is in its most potent position, especially when it happens to be the 10th house to the Lagna rising then during Mars Hora.

It is auspicious for the commander in-chief to prepare for war. It is good to file any suit in a court of law. It is advantageous to argue during Mars Hora and win the case. On a Thursday, during Mars, Hora, try for compromise and fair settlement; purchase lands; start a brick kiln; On Saturdays commence trench or tunnel work; Trench means, you exacavate. If you want to use manure, Mars Hora on a Monday is auspicious. It's lucky to start a press, mechanical engineering industry, building construction, or open electronics shop on a Wednesday in Mars Hora.

To join duty In the court of law or take oath as a President; Judge etc. Goldsmiths, jewellers may have opening ceremony on Thursdays. Fridays are also good. Mars Hora on a Thursday is beneficial for executive officers of temples or industry or church or colleges and schools and those who say that they relinquish the world and start preaching to others whether they practise or not.

But those who want to practise, but are not very anxious to teach others can have it on a Saturday. On Fridays, Mars Hora gives vitality and satisfies the partner. It is good for union for jewellery, for animal husbandry, for leather and hides, for coffee, tea, boarding, todging, cinema theatre, games, Luxury goods, automobiles, bull carts, jutkas, agriculture, timber, furniture, etc.

To open a mill or factory prefer Wednesday. To prepare arms, spears, instruments, digger, to excavate, to construct a slaughter house, lethal chamber, to have lead or copper industry, to deal in hides, skins, shoes etc. Saturdays are fortunate. Those who buy land during Mars, document in the morning say, between A. Hora and sign the A. But those who sign and purchase the property between 8 and 10 A. You can buy coral, ruby and red coloured articles. Best time to construct a house would be at a time when Mars is exalted; When. Mars Hora is on and the ascendant is 1 scorpio and the degree in scorpio is between 0 33 -.

In that case there will be no difficulty for the availability of money, building materials, etc. There will be the Blessing of Providence. For Subramanya -- Begin on Sunday or Tuesday especially when you serve in a military department. On Saturday Venkatesa; Ver. Admit boys and gir1s in schools and colleges on a Mercury day during Mercury Hora.

Even the dull-witted will come out in rank. One can start memorising from Mercury Hora, poetry, important stanzas, etc. Prefer Mercury Hora to deliver a speech especially on Thursdays. So also, accept the post of a teacher or professor. Accountants, auditors, mathematicians can select Thursdays and Mercury Hora. Fridays in Mercury Hora, Editors, publishers, book sellers, printers, press owners publicity organisations can start functioning on Tuesdt. Most efficient work will be done it one commences during Mercury Hora. Daily newspapers, almanacs, ephemeris,. Typists, should prefer Tuesdays, and Shorthand writers should select Saturdays.

Treat neurasthenic patients and those who suffer from Vitamin B deficiency during Mercury Hora. Those who take service in the Postal department, Telegraph and Telephone officials, overseas communication, Engineering, correspondence, etc. Mercury Hora or on the days of the lord of 11 and Mercury Hora. If you desire to float a company or to underwrite, Mercury Hora is the best. For those who deal in paper, stationery, oil seeds, jute, wheat, quick silver, emerald, green stone, onions, greer.

If you proceed overseas as an ambassador or as a representative or for foreing studies or for foreign collaboration, prefer Wednesdays or Thursdays and never miss Mercury Hora. Important documents can be drafted during Mercury Hora with advantage. Pray to Lord Vishnu, Rama. Krishna, Anjaneya, etc. Try to concentrate. Vacillation is the only defect. It rules over Thursday. Approach people during Jupiter Hora. Do you want overdraft facilities from a bank? Meet the proper authorities during Jupiter Hora.

Is Jupiter a benefic to you? Are you running Jupiter's period? Then, never miss to meet the ministers or high officials in the Government during Jupiter Hora. Success in your attempts is certain. Purchase books and begin to read on a Thursday, preferably on Jupiter's star day and in Jupiter Hora.

Mandhi in astrology what does conjunction

Do you deal in Gold and Silver? Is your income not satisfactory? Are you depressed? Open a branch on a Thursday in Jupiter Hora when Jupite is in direct motion and is strong. You must have decent increase in income. Always make it a point to meet commercial tax and Income-true officials during Jupiter Hora. The interview will be pleasant, peaceful and profitable. If you are ill and if a physician offers any specific medicine to be taken internally, prefer this Hora.

Even to buy a tonic, to take ayurveda medicine, Jupiter Hora on a Tuesday is advantageous. Establishment of Stri Sadhana office for the prevention of prostitution, animal husbandry, construction of temples and charitable institutions, colleges, mutts, libraries, banks, etc. This Hora is very essential to purchase vehicles especially on Fridays during Jupiter Hora, or refrigerators on Saturdays during Jupiter Hora, or lay foundation for houses on Fridays during this hour or take up m!

Depending on the God or Goddess or its dry, during Jupiter Hora, have initiation of mantras. Note down Jupiter's hara in the night hours. Be friendly with your partner in life wife or husband. Even if you had no change to have a child so far, Jupiter will not let you down. It will fulfil your desire by giving you a child.

If you have already many, avoid this hour. Open bank account, take up the junior auditor's post or accept the profession signified by Jupiter during its hour. Take up Insurance policy on Saturdays during Jupiter Hora. Your endowment policy wilt mature and you can enjoy the benefit. But If the Insurance agents were to obtain the signature of a person, in a Ufa Policy during the conjoined period of Saturn and Mars, the Insurance company will lose heavily, whereas it will be a fortune to the members of the family who.

Retrenchment, famine, refugee, quarters for servants, inceneratlon, refugee, quarters for servants, inceneration, slaughter house, etc.

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  8. Such a beginning promises, a no delay and difficulty in completing the project, b Expansion and improvement, c Co-operation from the public and their wholehearted support, and d fulfilment of the desire of the Government and benefit to the subject. The hara of Venus is very strong for Venusian matters a on Fridays, b on the days when Moon transits to Bharani, Poorvapalguni and Poorvashada constellations and c when Moon transits in Taurus or Libra or Pisces which is its exalted sign.

    If on a Friday, during Venus Hora, When Moon transits in its own star, one commences to do any of the matters signified by Venus, knowingly or unknowingly, success is sure. Peace and prosperity are promised. Harmony and happiness can be had. Prefer Venus Hora if you want to meet an officer who is generally impatient, who is a hard task-rrester and who is moody. You will find that he is calm and co-operating. Even a militant type of person, arrogant. The temper gets softened during this hour. A cobra may be ferocious due to Mars. But H it takes its food, which is shown by Venus, it is harmless.

    The fiery nature of Mars will be toned down by Venus. It is not out of place to mention an instance in this. A hardworking senior clerk in a firm committed a small mistake in his work His officer got wild and called for an" explanation. The poor fellow expected reversion. He was awfully afraid of to meet the officer during Venusian Hora and approach me officer most politely confess to him, how the mistake had cropped in. Also the clerk was advised not to be very frank and place all the matters on the table for his consideration, as lhe mistake was committed by the sister of the officer.

    The clerk went to the Officer's room, at the Venus Hora. A lady was also found in the same room. The clerk appealed to the officer and In many words regueated him to excuse him. Though the officer was vehement to start with, suddenly. Now and then, looking at the girl and then turning to the clerk, he gave a patient hearing. The intelligent officer understood that his sister had committed the blunder.

    So, he said to the clerk "Don't worry. I am satisfied. Anyhow to be careful hereafter". Further he added that he had recommended that the senior clerk may be given a. Look: How Venus has played its part! It so happened that a girl was in the officer's room. The mistake is that of a girl with whom he will not be strict.

    Also, one is to understand that the recommendation for promotion to the senior clerk is more to create the vacancy of the senior clerk's post and offer it to his sister. Thus Venus will play its rote during its hour. If you have a look at the girl or at the boy before fixing up your marriage, you select Venus Hora if you want to select this partner, but if you do not like the alliance, you select Mars or Saturn Hora when the negotiation will fall through and you can be happy.

    Venus Hora promises harmony and happiness. If you feel that you are exhausted and you have lost much of your vitality, take medicine, especially Ayurvedic especially from Sadhana Ayurveda ashramam at Calcutta On a Thursday or Friday during Venus Hora, it will rejuvinate you.

    Write love letters during Venus Hora. You start writing after this hour starts and finish it before this hour is over. Even though you may not normally have command of language to give expression to your love, during Venus Hora, appropriate words will be used by you which will appeal to the partner. If you receive a reply during other Horas, do you not be impatient. Wait till Venus Hora starts. Then open the sealed cover and read.

    You will be very happy. Now you may ask, "She had already written and posted the letter. How can the Hora change lhe contents of the letter? Knowingly or unknowingly you can open the letter at any Hora. According to the Hora, you will find the letter. If it is Saturn Hora, then the partner would have mentioned the inability to meet you and he will fix up some other time. If it is Mars Hora, the lone of the letter will upset you. So, why should you take a change?

    Venus Hora will arrange for tea, dinner, cinema, music, party, meeting in an unfrequented place, etc. Those who would desire to cultivate love, must prefer Venus Hora. Buy jewels, silk sarees, costly dress, diamond and costly gems, sandalwood, glass, powder, scented oils and scents, eyelass, lipstick etc. It will add beauty by moderate use. Start agricultural operations or open the industry to manufacture agricultural implements for tilting, ploughing, etc. If you desire to have a poultry farm, cattle breeding or possessing race horses, etc. Contractors to supply spare parts, etc.

    Though it is silly to mention an Instance in such a magazine dealing in divine science, yet, to impress upon the mind of the readers that the planets will never fail to do their job promptly, the following is given to. A boy, a non-believer in astrology, got married, arranged for honey-moon and he left his house with his modest wife on Monday during Mars Hora. The honey moon was arranged for 3 days and they had to return on next Friday to attend a reception.

    Imagine what Moon and Mars would have done. After they steeped into the air-conditioned I class compartment and when the train steamed off, she made her husband understand that she was having her monthly period. What a pity! They came back, when they returned, the astrologer met them on the platform. Both of them invited smile. Yet, the astrologer laughed loudly at them and said that a person is wise only when he has learnt astrology also.

    Those who start milk dairy should have it during Venus Hora on a Monday. For rice business, Venus Hora on a Tuesday. For story writing, love letters, pleasant journey, shipping clearance agency, agency for Textiles, Rayons, silk, perfumery, toilet, pharmaceutical products, cotton, fancy articles, hosiery for women, biscuits, chocolates, confectionery, fruils, flowers, vegetables, etc.

    Lay foundation for women and children hospital, animal husbandry, Accountant - General's office. Income-tax Office, Law court, etc. Or join duty in such departments on those days and hours. The hora of Saturn is strong for the mailers signified by Saturn a on Saturdays, b on the days when Moon transits in Saturn's signs Capricorn and Aquarius or c when Moon transits in Pushya.

    Anuradha or Ulhrapadra stars or when the lagna at that hour is in saturn's sign or star. If you want to handle a violent person, prefer the hour of Saturn. You practice Yoga or meditate during Saturn Hora so that you will be able to concentrate. Write letters to Saturnians, yogis, sages, mine-owners, land-owners, etc. Sow the seed-bulbs, potato, topiaco or groundnut or sesame in this Hora. If you are to ,;evora conneclion with anybody, this hour will help you. For illegal intimacy. Start petrol, oil coal skin, feather and hide business in Saturn Hora.

    Lay foundation for such business, then if you find impossible lo lead your life with your wife, do not tell her your programme, but disappear during Saturn Hora, if you tell her, she will come lo the scheduled place selected by you, and continue to give trouble. Pray for fyyappa or Lord Venkateswam, during Saturn Hora. If you want to become a! Even today, when modern aids for casting the horoscope oore accurately are available, such as Krishnarnwti's or Krishrmm's Ephemeris, K. Krishman's Tables of Houses, many nslrol. After casting the horoscopl?

    The only k 1own usage of the stellar position of planets ha! Almost all the familiar wi1h the rasi and navamsa charts. Those who are interested in calculating mathematically tho strength of planets in "rupl'ls" r. But nowhere can we find a synthesis of the system. The following may be food for thought to. The first horas of Oja rasis, and the second horas of Yugma rasis are called Ravi horas. The second horas of Oja rasis and the first horas of Yugma rasis are called Chandra horas, Ravi and Chandra being the lords of the respective horas named after them.

    From the hora is to be judged wealth. Each rasi is divided into three Drekkanas. The first Drekkana of a rasi is named after the rasi itself, the second Drekkana of a rasi is namd after the fifth rasi from the rasi and lhe third Drekkana of a rasi is named after the ninth from the rasi. The adhipathi of each drekkana is the m. Matters pertaining to the longevity, prosperity of brothers and sisters have to be read from Drekkana.

    I11 the case of chara rasis, they are named nl! Mailers conrnrning spiritualisn'. Health is judged from this varga. The Sapthamsa of an Oja rasi is named after the rasi itself and the next six rasis in succession. Those of a Yugma rasi are named after the seventh rasi and the next six rasis in succession. The birth of children etc. The Ashtamasa of a chara rasi are named after the eight from Aries; those of sthira rasis, after the eight from Sagittarius; and those of Ubhaya rasis, after the eight from Leo, their lords being the same after which each amsa is named.

    This refers to longevity. For Vrishabha, Kanya, Makara, the first navamsa is named after Makara and the next eight are named after the next eight rasis. For Mithuna, Thula, Kumbha, the first navamsa is named after Thula and the next eight are named after the next eight rasis. For kataka, Vrischika and Meena, the first navamsa is named after Kataka and the next eight are named after the next eight rasis. This is intended to know all about the partner in life. For a saint, navamsa should be bad. Malefics in 12, 1 and 2 from lagna is essential.

    In the case of Oja rasis, they are named after the rasi and next nine rasis; In the case of Yugma rasis, they are named after the ninth rasi and the next line rasis, the lords being those after which they are named. All about profession, such as earned income therefrom promotion, taking up fresh job, statesmanship, etc. They are named after Their lords are those of the rasis after which they are named. A happy Ekadasamsa will confer professional felicity without exertion for the same, due to poorva punya, if the planets are well placed in this varga.

    Unearned income, easy money windfalls, lottery, elevation to higher status with increased emoluments have to be judged from this varga. The dwadasamsas of a rasi are named in succession after the rasi and the next eleven rasis, their lords being those after which they are named. All matters relating to the parents are read from this varga chart. In Oja rasi, the first 12 are named after the rasi and the next 11 rasis while th last four are named after Saturn. Mercury, Mars and Sun; In the case of Yugma msis. The uclhipathis are either those of the rasis oiler which the Shodasamsas are named or the planets after which they are named.

    Happiness and vehicles have to be' seen from this. In chara rasis, the amsas are named after Aries and the next 19 in succession. In sthira rasis and Ubhaya rasis, they are named after Sagittarius and Leo respectively and the next 19 rasis in succession. Upasana, worship of deity, having its blessings come under this varga. This refers to all types of education, general or specialised. The first and the next 26 are named at. Physical strength and stamina have to be judged from this varga. In Oja rasis, the first five degrees of the amsa are ruled by Mesha, the second five degrees by Kumbha, the next 8 degrees by Dhanus.

    In the case of Yugma rasis, the first 5 degrees are ruled by Vrishabha, the next 7 degrees by Kanya, lhe next 8 degrees by Meena, the next 5 degrees by Makara and the last 5 degrees by Vrishchika. This varga relates to happiness and misery. In Oja rasis, they are named after Aries and the next 39 in succession.

    With regard to Yugma rasis, they are named after Libra and the next 39 in succession. Auspicious or inauspicious effects or anything good or bad has to be decided from this. Each amsa is given a special name and the order of the amsas for Oja rasis is as under 1.