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Astrology is an ancient art practiced by cultures such as varied as the Mayans, Aztecs, Babylonians and Assyrians. Astrology is believed to have originated with the Chaldeans in Babylon and the Mesopotamian region in the 4th millennium BC.

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Astrology was practiced in the religious temples. The Babylonians were the first to introduce the zodiac. The Greeks called it "animal circle" and provided its name. India had a system of astrology that dates back to perhaps BC. China had its own system of astrology and some believe the practice originated there as early as the 3rd millennium BC. The Chinese were very skilled astrologers. Throughout history, astrology has gained and lost its appeal and then experienced resurgence.

Astrology again gained popularity in the United States in the early s. Although in modern times, astrology is viewed as more of an artful indulgence than a science, there are still many astrologers that work judiciously at their craft and many believers who look to the zodiac for insight. Astronomy is the oldest of the natural science with origins found in religious and astrological practices. The origin of astronomy starts in ancient Mesopotamia.

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The ancient Chinese placed a great importance on tracking the movements of fixed stars. They catalogued observable stars. Throughout the centuries Chinese astrology made great progress. Advances in mathematics during the Renaissance gave rise to modern astronomy. As astrology was relegated to the realm of pseudo-science, astronomy branched out into new fields. Astronomy now covers several branches, such as astrophysics; the study of the universe and its physical properties of temperature and chemical composition.

Cosmology studies the origin and evolution of the universe as a whole, and stellar astronomy studies the origins and evolution of stars. New discoveries and technological advancements may have changed the way we look at the heavens but the fact remains that we still look upward and outward for insight into our own lives as well as that which lies beyond the scope of earth. Amateur astronomers and astrologers both search the vast respository of knowledge as ancient cultures did so long ago, continuing to learn and discover.

What is Astronomy? Astrology, Science of the Stars.

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Special significance has been attached to the belief that our individual human fate is dictated and controlled by the heavenly bodies above us. The Mayan empire and Greeks through to Ancient Chinese and Egyptians saw special significance in astrology with western doctrines dating back some years.

What is Astronomy?

This is seen as particularly useful if a person is wanting to know if a relationship will be long-lasting or not. For several thousands of years, astrology has been considered in a scientific context along with other natural sciences like astronomy and geology.

Astronomy vs astrology astronomy is a branch of science that

This tradition and powerful belief has simply been accepted as another human experience even though there has been no scientific proof that it works, simply relying on coincidental evidence. However, over a relatively short period over the last years, astrology has lost its self-imposed legitimate science connotation through the desire for authenticity. However millions of people around the world still turn to the horoscope pages of their daily newspaper to ascertain a good or bad day ahead.

Anyone wanting to foresee their future should consult a qualified astrologer and use their natal chart as the basis of the reading. Your email address will not be published. Related Posts What is Karma?

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